10 Top Management Tools For A Successful Practice

Lois BantaCEO & Founder of Banta Consulting
Lois Banta
CEO & Founder Banta Consulting

Every practice most likely uses the management tools on Lois’ check list below. But … I believe, from time to time, we slip away and don’t use them consistently. Using these tools consistently will bring your practice more organization, profit, growth, and ultimately more fun for your team. I suggest you print this list, keep it handy and stick to it. Thank you Lois for sharing your “Tools!”

10 Top Management Tools For A Successful Practice

By Lois Banta

  1. Design systems and protocols for a good foundation of production and collections.
  2. Hire and train for positive attitude and acquire great teams with a dedication towards customer service and effective communication.
  3. Hold a “morning huddle” every day to check in on the pulse of the practice and address day to day concerns before they become major issues.
  4. Strategize each week by holding team meetings.  Set a theme for each week of:
    1. Cross training
    2. Analyzing monthly numbers
    3. Continuing Education
    4. Role play – practice communication for patient questions.
  5. Choreograph schedule for optimal productivity.
  6. Get the money off the books and into the bank quickly.
  7. Utilize excellent customer service…patient’s impression of you begins on the phone.
  8. Sharpen your clinical and practice management skills often by attending and participating in select continuing education.
  9. Inspect what you expect.
  10. Have more professional fun and find your “internal giggle.”

Lois Banta is a Dental Consultant Connection (DCC) consultant and is CEO, and Founder of Banta Consulting, Inc., established in 2000.  Lois is also the owner and CEO of The Speaking Consulting Network.  To learn more about Lois Banta, please visit http://dentalconsultantconnection.com/consultant_bio4.php or call (727) 447-4756.